The following books, videos and series have inspired me over the years and I’d really like to share these with you. I think it gives a fairly good of idea as to where I’m coming from.

The War of Art & Turning Pro

One of my all time favourites: the ‘Wart of Art’ and ‘Turning Pro’ by Steven Pressfield. As far as i’m concerned, some of the best books written in the ‘how to get your creativity out there’ genre. Steve is sharp as a razor when it comes down to analysing the main culprit of not living our potentential: ‘Resistance’. I actually have printed out the most meaningful quotes from the book and pinned them all over my house.


Will power doesn’t work

This book by Benjamin Hardy delivers great examples of how you can put yourself in another environment, or create an ‘enriched environment’ that will help you to raise the bar for yourself. Enforcing your way through life doesn’t work, but this approach works….for me at last…

Secret life of Walter Mitty

One of my favorite movies, proving again wat an amazing actor Ben Stiller is. This scene where he jumps in the helicopter flown by a drunk Icelandic pilot is definitely one of my fave movie scenes…a must watch.

Casa de papel

The series that got me through lockdowns #1 and #2! I used the 3rd one to write all the material for ‘the Gentle Insult’. You gotta start somewhere…

Please watch the original version in Spanish! The insulting is so much more poetic than the English version.