The Gentle Insult

Edgar Van Asselt, Jeroen Vierdag, Jorge Rossy

"A fabulous album!"
Apple Jazz Podcast, Tara Minton

"an album that should take pride of place on any jazz lovers' playlist. Highly Recommended."
- Jazz in Europe, Jan Veldman

''the Gentle Insult is a very good album that held my attention from start to finish. I enjoyed the blending of styles, the balance of the approach to the material and, of course, the playing."
- Simply jazz talk, Simon Defty

The Gentle Insult' is the thought provoking title of the new album by composer, producer and keyboardist Edgar van Asselt, joined by a stellar rhythm section: bass player Jeroen Vierdag and drummer Jorge Rossy. Van Asselt’s tunes have a musical blueprint and leave space for many spontaneous musical contributions. The fun the trio has is right there from the start and makes the music come alive.

Van Asselt produced an album influenced by absurdism, surrealism and the use of ‘rogue semantics' which he considers ‘an outside-the-box, absurdist musical response in confusing times’.

Brace yourself for a colourful, high-energy album, with nine brand new compositions blending jazz, classical, latin, and popmusic, topped off with VST's.'

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