Other Projects

Below are a selection of videos from a number of other projects I’ve been a part of over the years. Out of an urge to produce and release my own music and put my ideas out, I started leading my own projects, such as producing albums and organising concert series and tours.



Edgar was approached by Hungarian tenor player and producer Viktor Harasty to embark on a project that featured Harasty’s original compositions. Music that can be described as atmospheric, groove oriented and rooted in jazz/fusion styles like Weather Report, the Vio project did not only have a strong musical personality, but it was also the first project to feature 360 degree video.



Van Asselt Vistel Project

During a late night jam in Madrid Edgar met Cuban trumpeter Jorge Vistel. They had a common language to share and the next thing they were gigging and preparing for their first joint album: ‘Tierra a la Vista’, which was released on Fresh Sound records. Reviews were lauding the new musical collaboration between the two musicians.


The Young Sinatra’s

Between 2005-2010 Edgar was a regular member of ‘The Young Sinatras’, a popular small big band that was playing a lot in Holland and abroad. The band started as a Sinatra tribute band, but was developing more into the direction of a modern sounding small bigband with a strong vocal presence by Paul van Kessel. The band was moving from being primarily a Sinatra tribute band to a more modern sounding band. On the ‘This Day’ album in 2008, arrangement of pop songs like ‘Billy Jean’ and ‘My Girl’ could be heard, next to jazz standards and some original compositions, one of them being ‘Harlem Walk’ by Edgar.