Tierra a la Vista

Edgar Van Asselt and Jorge Vistel

'A lyrical discourse on piano with harmonic depth combined with a trumpeter with a fat sound and grandiose lyricism' - - François Marinot, Jazz Bulletin
'..formidable comping presence, and an interesting work in progress' - Nigel Jarrett, Jazz Journal

The musical collaboration between Dutch pianist Edgar Van Asselt and Cuban trumpeter Jorge Vistel started on a dazzling jamsession in Madrid, and resulted in this well received album: 'Tierra a la Vista'. (Spanish for 'Land in Sight') Both Edgar Van Asselt and Jorge Vistel brought their own material to the session, that consists of eight original tunes.

Their CD ‘Tierra a la Vista’ was recorded in the Infinity Studios in Madrid with contributions of the Cuban musicians of Reinier ‘El Negron’ Ilizarde op bas en Michael Olivera op drums. Apart from that, Jorges Brother, Maikel Vistel, payed saxophone on three pieces.The album was released on the renowned Spanish Fresh Sound label.

Fresh Sound Records